Core Values

All businesses must have clearly understood core values that are not subject to change. For Uwharrie Capital Corp, these core values are our bedrock principles. We propose a type of economic thinking that concerns itself with measuring our progress in ways that incorporate considerations for people and their quality of life while in pursuit of return on capital. We believe that when the investor's private gain provides for a public good, capitalism is at its best.

  • We will never put profits before the welfare of people.
  • The ownership and control of our company will be broad-based and rest with the people who are motivated by our mission.
  • Every activity we engage in will contribute to the literacy and/or economic benefit of our community.
  • We will provide leadership to achieve local ownership of utility-like businesses in our community.
  • We measure success by how well we balance meeting the needs of all our Stakeholders: Customers, Associates, Shareholders, Community, and Region.
  • We believe that social responsibility and community altruism are also good economics.
  • We will be good stewards of our shareholders' money and earn for them appropriate returns.
  • We will incorporate social criteria in our investment decisions.
  • We measure success by how much we contribute to the quality of life and economic well-being of our communities.