Community Involvement

The cornerstone of Uwharrie Capital Corp remains the values and ideals of our community. We proudly celebrate our diversity. Our overriding mission, to enhance the well-being of communities we serve, influences each and every decision we make.

Making A Difference

We support a vision that sees the greatest compliment to a people is to carry the traditions of its forebears into the lives of its children ... handing them the power to mold their futures without losing the character and values that make a community great.

"For the people, by the people, a great nation was started, so would be a great bank."

We are working to promote a new economy that capitalizes on our community values. Through land-use planning, conservation and preservation, we can control the development of our region and plan for the type of environmentally-friendly growth we want. But we must have the wisdom and the leadership to take the right steps in the right sequence towards this end.

We believe in people. It's what our company is all about. Our business is not about numbers, but about people with names and faces ... the folk that weave the patchwork of our community. Our efforts encourage a safe environment for families to grow.

At Uwharrie Capital Corp, profit isn't our reason for being. It's the result of our commitment to help make our region a great place to live, work and prosper. When you invest in our company you're helping build your community, while at the same time growing your investment.

Because our future and the future of our community lie in the hands of our children, Uwharrie Capital Corp and its subsidiaries are partnering with the schools in our region. Our associates are volunteering in area schools. By working with teachers and other faculty and by mentoring young people, our associates are taking steps to build strong and supportive relationships and to encourage innovative programs and opportunities for education beyond book and traditional classroom experiences.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can assist you. When you do business with Uwharrie Bank your money provides capital for local businesses creates local jobs and improves the quality of life for families. We want what's best for our communities, friends and neighbors… together we are making a difference.