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Fixed Rate Mortgage

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Adjustable Rate Mortgage

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Construction Loans

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Best if you want Predictable monthly payment over the life of your mortgage Lower interest rates in the first years of the mortgage. Build or renovate your dream home
Loan amounts Up to $417,000 Contact us Contact us for current rates
Terms Flexible terms up to 30 years Flexible terms up to 30 years Interest only during Construction period, then flexiable terms up to 30 years
Rates Get Current Rates Get Current Rates Contact us for current rates
Additional benefits Use for purchase or refinance to reduce your interest rate and/or consolidate debt.
  • - Periodic and lifetime rate maximums to protect you against large movements.
  • - Options on when the rate resets.
  • - May be able to include land purchase in the mortgage amount.
  • - Potential to use land already acquired for partial or entire down payment.
What to consider Rates may change over the life of the loan which may change your monthly payment.