CEFEX Certified

CEFEX Certified

What does a CEFEX Certification mean to you?

Trust. It means everything in the Wealth Management business. Whether it is helping a client with retirement planning, assisting a foundation with their financial goals, or anything in between, there is a common question: Can I trust that my investment advisor truly has my best interest at heart? This is the core of a fiduciary, to make decisions and recommendations that are at all times in your best interest.

Recommending solutions for your situation that is in your best interest has always been the top priority of Uwharrie Investment Advisors. Now, we have joined a small group of advisors who have earned the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (“CEFEX”) certification, signifying adherence to fiduciary best practices in managing client wealth.

Why work with a CEFEX Advisor?

Why should individuals work with a CEFEX certified Investment Advisor?

The CEFEX certification is evidence that the investment advisor is committed to fiduciary excellence, that he or she is acting in your best interest. This can be a relief for individuals needing asset management services; it is comforting to know that the investment advisor to whom you entrust your wealth and resources is putting forward recommendations that are designed to help you reach your financial aspirations.

Why should Non-Profits, Foundations & Endowments work with a CEFEX certified Investment Advisor?

The boards of non-profit organizations, foundations and endowments are fiduciaries. They have an ongoing responsibility to ensure that their organization’s wealth is managed in such a manner as to help achieve stated short-, intermediate-, and long-term investment objectives. Generally, these boards can delegate certain functions and responsibilities to third parties, including the responsibility of managing the organization’s investable assets. However, while boards can delegate the responsibility of managing institutional assets, the liability associated with the decision to do so generally remains with the delegating board.

Through enlisting the services of a CEFEX certified Investment Advisor, an organizational board can take comfort in knowing that it has entrusted its organization’s assets to an advisor who has been independently verified as being a faithful adherent to fiduciary best practices and who can assist the board in satisfying its fiduciary obligation to institutional stakeholders.


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