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Uwharrie Bank

About Us

Uwharrie Bank exists for the same reasons that any bank exists. We’re here to protect the assets of our customers, to help people and businesses secure financing and to support our shareholders.

But our story is about so much more than just money. We’re more than a collection of services and accounts. We’re people. We’re conversations. We’re ears to listen and hearts full of helpful advice. We believe that by doing our jobs just a little bit better, we can make a big difference in your everyday life.

We’re guided by a clear vision of what we believe a bank should be. We’re carrying out our mission despite the fact that it’s not as easy as taking shortcuts. So we at Uwharrie Bank are making a difference by putting community ahead of profit, inspiring change to make the world around us better.  To bring our mission and vision to life, we live every day by these values:


Make a difference through service.

Be generous with your time and energy.

Improve our community through financial education.

Lead others to self-sufficiency.

Exemplify the right balance between community and profits.

Let your passion propel your work.

Make a difference and motivate others to do the same.


When we do all of these things, we can make a difference and really make things better. When you give us the opportunity to serve you, you’ll see for yourself that we’re so much more than a bank.


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